P6x58d + 5870 crossfire

On p6x58d there are 3 pcie x 16 slots. The first two slot are blue with the third one being white. Why is that? Can you crossfire 2 5870's using the first and last slot? The first and second slot with 2 5870's crossfire get a little hot on first card cus there is not much room in between them.

So can you crossfire the first and last slot on the p6x58d? and if you can would the crossfire connectors reach?
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  1. looked at the manual.. i suspect blue pci-e = x16 and white = x4 ?
  2. That MoBo can not provide 3 x16 lanes and has two modes of operation

    blue blue white
  3. so if you put one in the first slot and the last slot it wouldnt work?
  4. What would the speed be x16 x8 or x16 x1
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