General Memory Question-Need help!

Hi guys I have 2 sticks of 1gb crucial ballistix ram.
Windows XP
gigabyte ep35-ds3p motherboard.
I ran a test on crucial and it said my mother board can hold up to 8gb.
I'm upgrading to windows 7 64 bit.

So I ordered this RAM:

So, if I add those ocz ram, I will have 6gb. Well I am just wondering since (I think) the ballistix and the ocz RAM are different speeds that it might mess/make my comp run more slowly then it should?

I ran cpu-z and it says my DRAM frequency is 533.4mhz. That is the speed of my ballistix RAM right? On the next screen of cpu-z it says pc2-6400 @ 400 MHZ.

I'm sorry for any confusion or mistakes I'm not that great with this stuff, thanks.
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  1. Unless there's more information on the second screen of cpu-z the indication is that you're running pc2-6400 ram/800mhz at 1066mhz. The initial frequency listed on the first page of cpu-z/memory is the base rate which is doubled.
    For this to have occurred you would've had to set the clock rate manually or you missed the last listing on the spd page.
    Crucial does have a 1gb chip designated as pc2-8000 which guarantees 1000mhz, maybe you have this set of chips?
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