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I am looking to upgrade to SSD's. The OCZ Colossus drives are already configured with internal raid 0. Does using two of these drives in Raid 0 (via controller) hurt the performance? Would it just be better to get a 1TB Colossus (internal raid 0) vs two 500GB Colossus connected via controller card in raid 0?

In simpler terms, can you raid internally raided drives? Would performance increase, decrease, or no change?

Thanks for the help!
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  1. The problem with RAIDing SSDs is that, at the moment, that will keep the operating system from sending the TRIM command. Performance will then degrade over time. SSDs are best used unRAIDed, with the controller set to AHCI mode, under Win7.

    Now the good news: Instead of using two X GB SSDs in RAID0, one 2X GB SSD will probably be significantly faster than the X GB SSDs. The manufacturers are well aware of the advantage of using more channels, so when they increase capacity they increase the number of channels. Tom's wrote on this subject:,2798.html

    You can carry this to extremes, such as,2802.html
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