Intel 2600k Temp issues ?

I have just recently purchase a i7 2600k i have also have the
Zalman CNPS10X Extreme cooler on it. I am running 4 computers in the one room, 3 pc's and 1 alien-ware laptop. on stock im running idle 30c and 100% load running 58c this is with hyper threading on as well. the ambient room temp is around 30 - 35c. When i overclock to 4.5ghz im seeing temps from 35c idle, and 71 on full load. i do know the tcase max is 72.6c but from my knowledge hd monitor programs read tjunction temps not tcase is this correct ? also isn't the tjunction max temp for corei7 around 100c ? so i guess back to my main question is 71c acceptable for having aftermarket cooler at that stock speed with ambient temp of 35c ?
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  1. Seem ok to me..
  2. Ambient temp of 35C, mate you must hate the cold! 71C @ 4.5GHz sounds OK to me. I get around 62C @ 4.5 but ambient is significantly lower and different cooler. The Tjunction is 98C and the thermal throttle is 95C, so your still well under the limits.
  3. your temps are just fine dont worry about it.
  4. 71c tcase is a bit warm, will probably put you in the mid to high 80's celsius on the cores. All though that isn't horrible for a 4.5 overclock in a hot room, I wouldn't want to be pushing near max temps. When you say full load, what program are you talking about?
  5. Those are good temps, taking into account the high ambient.

    My recommendation for a happy Sandy Bridge long-term overclock:
    1. Keep peak Prime95 core temps below 75ºC
    2. Keep CPU voltage below 1.4v
  6. Yeah if they're core temps your good, if they're tcase then you need to back the OC down.
  7. there core temps, 34, 33, 34, 35 idle, and 69, 68, 69, 71 on full load with intel burn, using cpuid hw monitor.
    also using 1.3v cpu v at 4.5ghz
  8. Temps are fine mate.
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