Graphics card overclocking without cpu

is it worth overclocking the graphics card without overclocking the cpu

I do plan on overclocking my cpu just waiting as I was supposed to have a water cooler and no longer do! I also have no clue on how to do it as I thought you just used some program like et6 or smart 6 which really is a complete misleading name more like smart not to use 6 or Every Time is will F#$K
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  1. well I'd say no and yes. No because if you're running off an i5-2500K then yes its worth OC'ing the GPU. But if you were to be running off a Core2Duo/Quad then the OC on the GPU only would be useless.

    here's what i think of the other questions;
    1| post back with your entire system specs, and we can move on from there regarding OC'ing.
    2| Watercooling? please be more specific about the unit/parts you're using as WC setup.
    3| when we know what CPU,mobo and ram combo you're using we can help with your OC'ing session.

    I thought u just used some programs like et6 or smart 6 which really is a complete misleading name more like smart not to use 6 or Every Time is will F#$K

    there are different programs to OC the GPU, but like i mentioned above there will be no need to OC the GPU if you have older hjardware. ONE more thing; your mobo should be able to handle an OC session :)

    my 2 cents :)
  2. p55-usb3 fb gigabyte mb
    8mb 1333 mhz kingston ram ddr3
    6950 ddr3 saphire 1gb gc
    I5 2.8mhz cpu
    as for watercooling it doesnt exist anymore when I sent it back to get gc fixed it seems they removed it and forgot to return it (H6) Cool master or Corsair i think
    3 Big ass fans plus 1 on power supply and 1 on grapkics car (5 all up)
    Antec 300 case
    Wd Blue Cavier 6gb/s 1tb (HD using 6gb/s sata 3 slot)
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Aito N10752 850w power supply (not sure the true wattage)\

    Looking at crossfireing my gc with a 6970 as I was told I could by asus
  3. well that is alot of info, and thank you for that :) but you've forgotten to include the most crucial part, the monitor and the res you run on it.

    as far as OC'ing goes, you have an i5-760 - thas a real good CPU for OC'ing. You can run it at 3.5Ghz for 24/7 use. Or just have it saved as a profile and have that OC session only for gaming.

    If you're Crossfiring 6970's then the OC is needed. Otherwise from a single card... the OC will give you a slight upper hand with frames on most(not all) games.
  4. alright I am using 1080p on a 22 inch LG LED and also I use 1080p on my 42inch to play games sometimes or watch movies allot. also u see what I have and u see my power supply. I had a computer guy I bought it say I can crossfire easy and another comp guy say I cant with this (the same guy who said I cant also said I only needed 450w to power my system) I see I have a 8 pin pci in the specs and 2x 6pin but doesnt say pci can I actually crossfire?

    I bellievew this to be the power supply I have as it is the only 850w aito I can find and when I look up a 6970 it says u need atleast 1 8pin (i think it says to crossfire for this) and one 6 pin which I do bellieve I have

    next when I sort out my water cooler problem I will gratiously ask How do I overclock using bios but not yet.

    ALSO as I wont overclock my system without a wc is it worth overclocking my gf card yet or should I wait until I get my wc and overclock my system? to be honest I can play what I want as it is without overclocking the gc fine on hyper graphics on a single 1090p monitor
  5. 1| do you need to overclock now? no
    2| should you OC in the future? Yes
    3| Do you need to OC with the current monitors you have? NO
    4| I'm not familar with that Aito PSU, can't get anything with a google search either. Please take the time to get a Quality PSU and then address the WC problem.

    So here's how you should tackle the issues;
    1| get a quality PSU
    2| get a nice WC loop installed
    3| OC the beast out of that machine.

    Now you might say, Oh i aint splashing another dime on another PSU!

    well then be prepared to shell out a good amount of money for replacing all the blown up parts in your case. A cheap manufacturer may be kind enough to replace the parts damaged by their hardware but in the case of a PSU, they expect that you know what its intended use is, that it wouldn't come near the 850W (or whatever wattage they advertise) and that you won't push the PSU to its limits.

    But when they find out that you've not done the above, then all they'll say is this - ":) have a nice day"

    if you can get an NZXT Hale 80+ PSU, Cooler master or corsairs HX or TXv2 series or a lil costly but you can pick up a thermaltake 850W toughpower grand. I own one and its superb!

    skimping on the PSU is like skimping on tires after buying a porche 911 turbo. You bought that car to take it to its limit, but itf the tires go out - you may not be on this earth to buy a new set to try out the cars abilities. :) capiche?

    about OC'ing ,my advice would be to start another thread and have more people look at the issue.

    FYI - that 6950 is enough umph in that card to power either monitors for intense gaming sessions. I own a 6870 BE and i know i can push it with an OC on my Q9550 while gaming off a 46" LCD tv.

    google search power supply calculator and fill in the places with your system specs. You'll then begin to see the full picture with system power req's. From the looks of that PSU, 82 USD for a 850W PSU that isn't even 80+ rated is kinda a deal breaker for me.(i used currency converter to see how much it costs in AUS)

    these seem good candidates for your system (with Crossfiring in mind);

    ^ that answer all your questions?
  6. I think my brother has the 850w thermallake is it true 850w?

    I put a link on my last message and all I can read about my ait0 is it uses 80%/25 of the power which I am getting it is a 690w true power i think.

    My brother is going to give me his thermal lake so it is a good brand then? I know his is atleast 850w
  7. Quote:
    is it true 850w ?
    when you buy from a reputed brand, its 850W or whatever is advertised on the sticker.

    I don't know of any thermallake or is that a typo :) speaking of which , if its a thermaltake, how old is that PSU and what is its wattage?

    so it is a good brand then?
    for me to answer that question, can you please post its exact model series and wattage. If possible can you retrieve info from thermaltake's official site? (if its thermaltake i.e) ;)
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