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HI People and Thank You in advance for any advice thrown my way. My hard drive in question is a Western digital caviar black sata 2 1 TB 64 mb cache.My history with this drive is it was running a copy of my operating system (created using a direct clone dual docking bay type device) This unit used by my kid so I do not know the full extent of troubles encountered...I did notice that soon after it was booted the second or third time the blue check disc screen was fixing a problem (was unable to read the entire message) and also days later I was called to the scene it appeared to be attempting to reboot reboot reboot the xp logo. I know that originally for a few days this drive worked well....I have since removed this drive ...and using an external dock am able to view content on and transfer content to this drive...however there is an odd ticking noise once a second or so coming from it???I was wondering if there is a method that can be used to verify if this drive is bad without having to use it as my primary c drive? What I have read so far seems to require using bootable software from the manufacturer (i assume this means it would have to be the c drive) I am concerned about this ticking noise as I have never heard such a sound emanating from a drive before and as this drive is under warranty am wondering if I should put forth the good faith effort to recopy the OS reformat the drive and try it again or write it off as junk and get a replacement drive Thanks Again
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    It sounds like the "click of death". Download the data lifeguard tools from western digital's web site to run diagnostics on it. If you are at all concerned, and the drive is under warranty, copy all the data off it and get an RMA.
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