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I have 4870x2 on Asus P6T Deluxe mobo. What I am trying to do is create a setup so I can play my Driving and flying simulation games on 3 monitors. So what do I need to do in order for me to get my games to work with 3 monitors. My 4870x2 is TRI-FAN model from ASUS and have 2 DVI ports in the back. In my mind what I have to do is get another 4870x2 and just connect monitor to it and I actually will be able to do 4 monitors if I want to. So please if possible tell me what's available for me and if someone have some advice, remember I'll be playing games not word document so performance is important :D

Thank you !
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  1. Even with the additional card you still need hardware or software that will allow "Triplehead" and not all games support it.

    Software: Google SoftH. Free program and its great. I run 3 22inch monitors, Fallout 3 was amazing to play. Game support is very limited though and it tends to take alot of tweaking to get them to work. This does require 2 video cards (so you have atleast 3 video outs) BUT all the rendering is done by one card then data is transfered to the second card, so the second card does not have to be a powerful card.

    Hardware: Matrox Triplehead to go, going this route you would NOT need another video card. All the rendering is done by one card and using the Triplehead its sent to 3 monitors. The triplehead in my opinion is expensive but compared to SoftH the game support is vastly superior. If you havent bought your second card yet consider using that money for the Triplehead, but be sure to read on the website to learn the strengths and limitations of it before you buy it.

    I run 2 Radeon 4850's and use SoftH. So far I've played thru Fallout 3, Hawx, and one or two other games spanned across 3 screens. When it does work right its an amazing experience.
  2. Thank you for your answer. In my case I love playing Racing and Flying games ... I mean I think this is only games when you get so much more from game ..well WoW will look good too at it :D.

    I'll check your advices right now. Anything else someone may advice ? HArdware / Software ? And I have 4870x2 and well in 3 monitor made second card will be just a DVI port but can I just disable 2 monitors and play with 2 4870x2 on the fly ? Or I'll have to tull crossfire cord on card and stuff ? Or it's matter of CCC configurations.

    Thank you.


    Is there a people here that play Flight games with 3+ monitors ? What do you do.

    Thank you guys !
  3. An update.

    From what I understand that with Triplehead2Go I'll be able to use Crossfile with my 4870x2 but only thing I am worry about is resolution. They saying MAXIMUM is 5040 x 1050 (3 x 1680 x 1050) my monitors are 1920x1080. Can anyone tell me if picture will be 16x9 format and not "squished" and how 1680x1050 work against 1920x1080. Reason I am asking because everything looks SO much better on native resolution and because It will be not native how games will look like ? Or I will now even see much of difference ? Thanks a lot !


    Also just was thinking about it. There is no way I just can get another card that will give me 2 more DVI (4 total) Conenct 3 monitors directly and just play ? Will crossfire work ? ..Ah I just don't know what to do here .... Just confirm this for me Triplehead2go is Only PERFORMANCE way to go if you want high performance in 3D games on 3 monitors ? And one last thing in ATI CCC PAnel will I be able to control monitors or Triplehead2Go Software will be in control from there.....

    I am sorry for somewhat spread out but I write as I think .....Thank you in advance
  4. CCC will allow you control of your monitors and crossfiring without rebooting or changing cables. In the case of the triplehead to go, the triplehead would take some control away from CCC since CCC would only see your 3 monitors as one large one (using one DVI port).

    With your setup, you're running an X2 card (so its already considered crossfired). If you add another card or not you already have the benefit of having crossfire (which is 2 cards), or you can add another ATI card and crossfire it as well which would be like running 3 cards in Tri-Crossfire (or 4 cards if you add another X2 card).

    You are right about the limit of the Triplehead2go. LCD's always look better at there native resolution. To see how things will look simply run a game you have now at 1680x1050 on your current monitor.

    As far as just adding another card and "just play", like i stated, in order to span 3 screens the games are going to need sometype of software (SoftH) or hardware (Triplehead2go) to force them up to the resolution you need to span 3 screens.
  5. Thank you very much !!!

    I think best solution is to go with Triplehead2go. I'll get 2 more monitors and this thing as well ... can't wait to play racing games with G25 as well as Flight sims ......

    Thanks !
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