Foxconn A88GMX won't overclock through bios, but will using overdrive

Hi all,
I have recently built a PC for my brother-in-law using my spare parts, the specs are-

4gb Kingston value
OCZ 700w
400gb 7200rpm Hitachi
A88GMX Foxconn AM3 micro ATX
Phenomii x4 955 @ 3.6ghz

Now the problem I have is with the motherboard, no matter what items I swap out ( I have tried them all cpu, ram, etc) I am unable to over clock a CPU using the foxconn's bios but can successfully do it using overdrive!!!??? Basically I can overclock the memory (which I don't do) and change all the voltages in a bios enviroment without a problem, but the minute I change the multiplier (even by 0.5) or fsb (even by 100mz) I get a black screen upon reboot. This is all the stranger considering I can over clock in a windows environment using 'AMD overdrive' or 'fox one'........
Is there some basic/secret/enabling setting I am missing? or is this just a case of 'cheap board, no over clock'? I have tried 3 processors now, two of them with unlocked multipliers, and have come to the conclusion that I need help!!! :) Thanx
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  1. Overclock via amd overdrive in middle oc is dangerous because in bios still under auto , and I say ok in small oc (3.2ghz to 3.4ghz stil ok) and many feature need disabled or enabled or need raise vcore,vdim, memory timming ... I don't recommend use amd overdrive in midle upto high. For better upgrade your motherboad for OCable Am3 / am3+
  2. Its strange though..... I still don't understand why the manufacturer would include 'ALL' the over clocking options in the bios if some of them don't work!!? ....At least the voltages can be modified through bios though, I had to raise to 1.38v in bios to get the 3.6ghz stable in overdrive.....
  3. In middle oc needed from bios for disabled CnQ, Spread spectrum and need test use Prime95 8hour or IBT quick test at 20time maximum memory .aybe just 20minutes. Can amd overdrive do enable or disable cnq ?
  4. yeah, I have already disabled 'cool & quiet' and 'spread spectrum' from the bios................. its literally JUST the cpu fsb and multiplier that don't work in bios....... its very strange...... :s
  5. Yes it's very strange ?? Maybe locked from manufacturer , also try update bios from foxconn to fix it. Just assuming
  6. yeah, updated to newest version already... also none of the options are greyed out..... maybe just a poor quality board :(
  7. Keep at default for better, Just thinking possibillity to upgrade mobo am3+ if want OC, I'm sorry can't help about it good luck :)
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