Where is that SSD windows 7 tips thingy?

I finally put together a new build last night and today I will commence with the Windows 7 install.

Somewhere here, somebody posted a link of instructions on how to setup your SSD in Windows 7, all kinds of tweeks and I lost the danged link.

Can anybody please provide again?

Also, can anybody recommend a good tweek guide for Windows 7 64bit?

This is my first foray into 7, coming off years on XP.

I want to get everything right the first time in my install and take care of my precious Crucial C300 128gb boot drive. :)
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  1. tecmo34 wrote an article about tweaking Windows 7 for use with a solid state drive. Here is the link to the article:

  2. Thanks JL. This should come in handy.
  3. While I have your ear, which SATA port will the Crucial C300 do his best work? I have an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe MB, and it has a couple of Intel 6gb ports as well as 4 3gb ports, as well as 2 Marvell 6GB ports.

    Unless I'm told otherwise my plan is to plug the C300 into the Intel 6GB and plug my Samsung spinpoint and DVD burner into the Intel 3gb ports.
  4. Intel is preferred.

    There was a technical review that actually tested a Crucial C300 ssd connected to both Marvel and Intel SATA ports on several motherboards. The review indicated the Intel ports performed a little better than the Marvel ports. Actually it wasn't the port itself but rather the onboard Intel chipset that handled the ssd a little better.
  5. ^+1...

    The Intel controller is the preferred port / drivers.

    Thanks JohnnyLucky for posting the link to my article :) Here are a few other links that are helpful for setting up a SSD:
  6. i have p8p67 deluxe and confirm that intel is the way to go. I had issue with my C300 with the marvell initially. I thought that since the C300 uses marvell controller, it would be a good ideal to plug into the marvell sata3 port ... wrong ...
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