Intel "Duo E7500" versus "Quad Q8200"

I'm not going to over clock. I run a few games, video software and basic Office stuff.

Any thoughts on which one is better?


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  1. probably the 8200, its better for multitasking
  2. What is your budget/current build?
    If your choices are limited because you are upgrading then a quad would in fact be better for multitasking, but if you can fit one into your budget an i5 would be the best of both worlds with four cores for multitasking and turbo boost for non-threaded apps and games.
  3. Well, I'm just looking to get a computer from Dell and those were the two best options. I'd like to get a better processor, but there is a budget to be concerned with and, I want to get it with XP which also limits things a little.
  4. Its better to get vista now and upgrade for free to 7 in a few weeks. XP is dated
  5. Well, I'm in no hurry to go to Windows 7 either. Any initial release by MS usually blows. I've thought about the upgrade angle, but I'd want to wait until the first patch comes out anyway.

    But, maybe you're right, something I'll need to contemplate a little more.


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