256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330

hi i have a problem with my inspiron 1520 one is that it keeps shutting down at times and some times i will get a blue screen and others i will not i have changed the memory to 4mb and still gets the same thing i do some 3d designs and some one told me that i can try to configure the graphic card to a Radeon HD4330 but i dont know if the 1520 can upgrade to this so can someone help
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  1. Generally speaking if you have changed something, in your case upgrading the memory the chances are any issues you get soon after could very well be linked.
    First thing i would check is if its actually compatable with 4gb of memory. Laptops usually are a pain to try and upgrade the graphics, more often than not its not possable. With your machine i would be very doubtful that its possable.

  2. thanks
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