Corsair DDR3 Dominator GT Or Kingston DDR3 HyperX

Hi everyone.
I am building myself a new computer :wahoo: . I have to choose between these two RAM:
Corsair 6GB DDR31600 Dominator GT (triple channel)= AU$364
Kingston 6GB DDR31600 HyperX (triple channel)= AU$175 and in another store AU$238.

If I choose Kingston will I be loosing performance? Is there big difference other than the price?

Thanks in Advance :D
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  1. Which is the CL of the G.Skill and Kingston memory? and, what are the spcecifications of your rig?

    1- CPU
    2- Mobo
    3- PSU
    4- GPU
    5- HDD
  2. CPU: Intel Core i7 920
    MB: Asus P6T Deluxe
    PSU: Corsair 1000HX
    GPU: Nvidia 1GB GTS 250 ASUS
    HDD: WD500/750GB SATA 7200rpm + 1TB WD
    Case: Coolermaster HAF 932

    I have no intention of overclocking the i7 right away, I will wait when I have some money for a cooling system, then I will overclock it from 2.66 to 3/3.3GHz.

    When the Adobe Mercury comes (sometime in April or March 2010) I will upgrade my GPU to Nvidia GTX 285 or so.
  3. Good, now, give me the link of the RAM that you mention in the initial question.
  4. Corsair 6gb DDR3 1600 Dominator GT Triple Channel

    Kingston 6gb DDR3 1600 HyperX Triple Channel
  5. Get the Corsair
  6. any reason why
  7. Give me the link of the store when you want buy the RAM. Like i saw, the CL of the Corsair is more low that the kingston.
  8. My opinion is that I'd get the cheaper ram, the Kingston, unless you're out for the very highest of ram timings. The higher CL will not slow you down all that much. CL ratings meant a lot back in the days of SIMMs and DIMMs and a bit with DDR2, but with DDR3, the effect is less. The Corsair will probably let you clock a bit higher and post higher scores on 3DMark06 or Vantage, but for everyday use, it won't make any difference except to your wallet.

    Here's some articles on the price vs performance,2320-7.html,2128-9.html,2013-13.html

    While these reviews may not cover the exact ram that you're looking at, they give a good idea what to expect. I like the opening sentences in the conclusion of the last article

    We didn’t see much performance difference between the various DDR3-1600 module sets, regardless of speed or timings—not even when using an enhanced FSB-2000 to the processor. If we assume that benchmarks are only consistent to plus or minus 0.5%, we could simply state that when it comes to DDR3 memory, the cheaper the better.

    So its my opinion, but get the cheapest name brand ram that you see and be content that it will do all you need, unless you're into overclocking to the max and trying to set very high performance scores.
  9. Thanks alot Sailer.

    I will be using it for 3D (currently use Maya 8.5),After effects, premier and occasionally for games, photo editing, video compositing and things like that. I have a laptop but it is a very slow when it comes to demanding tasks of editing and modeling specially sculpting, compositing.
  10. Best answer
    I will get for the Corsair, have a CL 7, the Kingston have a CL 9. With DDR3 the CL recomended is 7 or 8.

    This can help you to understand better the CL.
  11. Quote:
    I have no intention of overclocking the i7 right away, I will wait when I have some money for a cooling system, then I will overclock it from 2.66 to 3/3.3GHz.

    I'm sure you know to use after market thermal grease ...AS5 or OCZ freeze will do ...I'm sure you know but i thought I would point it out just in case. also you should be able to hit 3.3 on the stock cooler i know someone that has his at that right now w/ stock cooling. you can get that under 1.2v on a DO no sweat ...but really its only like 50 bucks for a good fan.

    edit* i took off my ram advice so i don't look like a total retard :p go w/ what sailor is saying. sorry to get this off topic ....back to ram timings

    I bought the corsiar dominator CL 7 ...they are richer and I am poorer i regret it? nope ...also there isn't a noticeable difference in normal usage if i crank my timings to 9-9-9-xx
  12. The advice concerning the thermal grease is fair enough. I would advise using aftermarket cooling. The i7 chips tend to run hot, even very hot when overclocking, so a good heatsink is imperative to keeping the temperatures down. I'm running two overclocked i7 920 computers at the moment, so I have some personal experience with this.

    As to the issue of getting the lowest CL possible, I provided three article references which pretty well debunked that issue. Unless a person is trying to set records in overclocking, its not going to make any real world difference, with the exception of making the wallet a bit lighter and some company a bit richer.
  13. yeah i saw that article too ...for most users 1333 is more then enough and yeah like sailor said, aftermarket fans are like the cheapest part of the build.
    I wassn't saying to overclock w/o a better cooling fan i was just saying it is doable ...i have aftermarket air on my cpu and would also advise that you get it ...was just saying that it's doable if you really need that last little bit and are strapped for cash. :)
  14. Ok, that's fair enough. My impression had been that the cash was not a big issue, but I may have been wrong in that.
  15. well thanks alot guys. I have decided that I will go with Corsair 1600C7 Dominator GT.

    Everything that with inclusion of Dell u2410 and exclusion of speaker will cost AU$2840. My budget is AU$3000.

    I am having second thought about the monitor though after reading user review, as it has RGB dithering issues, pink and green tint issue. I want to avoid disturbance to my workflow.

    I am going to the store tomorrow to buy the parts.
    Have to find a different monitor Now.
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