Need to cool just my 2 graphics cards

Hi guys

I was wondering if the XSPC RS 240 or RS 240 kits would handle cooling two crossfired cards.

I have 6870 waterblocks and need to know whether or not to spend the money on the RS240 kit.

I am NOT going to be cooling CPU with it, so please don't give responses like "you can't cool your CPU + graphics with that" as almost everyone on another forum did... because I have a corsair H70 for the CPU...

So... will it work? Due to space constraints I can only mount a 240mm radiator atm... :(

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  1. How well are you trying to cool them? IMO I think they will run, but most likely not any better than the stock fans, and will probably make just as much noise with the appropriate fans.

    If you want significantly better cooling, you'd need to get at least a 360 rad, and you could throw in your CPU if you get 2 rads.
  2. I'm planning on buying 2 gpu waterblocks made specifically for the 6870.

    i won't use the cpu block because I don't need it.

    I cannot fit the 360 rad and I don't want to have to put it behind my case or something.

    I think the rx240 has a better radiator than the one that comes in rs240 kit. I have two very good 120mm fans that I'm planning on using (1800rpm, 67CFM, only 17db) so how well would that work?
  3. Yes the RX240 is a better radiator than the RS240, but I don't think either would be able to dissipate enough heat to drop the temps much. I can't find any heat dissipation charts for either rad, so I can't say for sure how well they'd work at all.

    Just curious - what case do you have?
  4. HAF 922 some special edition with see through side panel
  5. RX240...not RS240 if you have the choice. If you are getting the Rasa kit, it would perform better than that H70 by adding another rad. The Rasa kit has the CPU would perform a lot better, even with both GPUs in the loop. You'd likely need to run dual RX240s, for that setup...or even skimp by on the RX360 kit.

    Either way, yes, the Rasa kit can cool your GPUs, but it really depends on how you want to do it.

    Why do you feel you need to watercool them instead of leaving them air? Just because? I get people having an H70 or other LCS cooler, but once you start building an actual loop...I don't understand why you'd want to leave a cooler like that on there when you can get better performance with a 'real' loop...? (that you are seemingly going to build...) :/
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