Radeon 4890 Crossfire - Low Vantage Scores?

I am running a 3.7 ghz intel i7 920 (stock 2.66ghz) with two radeon Powercolor HD 4890 video cards at 930mhz/1100mhz each (stock 850/950)

My 3d mark Vantage Score:

CPU: 22 000 (forget exact values)
GPU : 15290
Total: 16650

This seems awfully low for some reason... any thoughts?


- Panos -
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  1. Well it does seem rather low. Look at this thread:


    Guy has his Core i7 clocked higher and his GPU is a tad higher but it does seem to get a much better score overall.

    BTW, Which drivers are you using? As well, have you made sure that CrossFire is enabled in the CCC?

    Make sure you have the 9.7 and have CF enabled.
  2. yah, i made sure of both those things!

    i got an avg up to 18100 but still much lower than that guy

    my cpu is 3.9 ghz and 930 mhz each card
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