dvd drive makes strange noises and doesn't read disks smoothly

My slimline dvd drive on my laptop makes strange noises and doesn't read disks smoothly. It will read disks eventually after lots of 'unusual whirring' I know the noises it makes when it normally reads a disk. It also doesn't load programs smoothly. I know there is obviously something wrong with it but are there any solutions other than replacing it? Maybe changing the driver?

I can't reinstall the driver as I don't have a driver to reinstall it with afterwords.

Any ideas?
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  1. Windows should automatically detect it after a reboot if you do remove the device.

    But, it sounds like the drive is dying. I suggest a thorough cleaning or get another one :)
  2. can I just get any other laptop dvd drive and it will fit? do I have to make sure that it is a slimlin drive too?
  3. no you dont have to make sure its a slimline drive.... make sure you clean it thoroughly first and if the problem persists change the drive...
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