Problem upgrading Bios on P5N32-SLI se Deluxe

Hello to everyone, im new to this site. I have an issue that my system's provider seems unwilling to help me with. So i hope i can get some anwers here (or atleast some info on where to look).

I bought a computer from ALIENWARE about almost 4 years ago. Within those years i encountered some problems but was all fixed through their techical experts. One of those fixes was updating my bios firmware. It shipped with version 0401 (if i remember right) and upgraded to 0603 (which is my current). As of about 7 months, i've had this issue where my computer just locks up completely without responding to anything but powering it down through the power button. I get this issue mainly when im playing a game, specially on World of Warcraft.

When i check my Event Viewer, i get 2 distinct errors and criticals.
The critical error states: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
The error report states: Some processor performance power management features have been disabled due to a known firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.

Now... the part where it says "Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware". I downloaded the current bios file (which is 0901). Tried upgrading it with EZ-Flash which my mobo have. Saved the file on a CD since my computer doesnt have 3.5" diskdrive nor a flashdrive. When im in EZ-Flash mode and ready to upgrade, it tells me that the file cant be found or is the wrong file. Now i know i have to only save the actual file, not the zip, and rename it, but it wont work. I've copied it to multiple cds, thinking that i did a mistake.

The last time i updated my bios it was through the Alienware site which they have uploaded the 0603 version. They wont put up any other bios file up cause they state that 0603 is the "safest, tested and approved" version :o . 0901 has been out for about 2 years now..... :heink:

Please, i need help on making my system acept the new bios. ANY help is very much apreciated. I also think it will fix my issue with my computer stopping to a screetching halt.

Im using Windows 7 Ultimate evaluation copy: build 7100
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  1. I'm assuming it's a hardware problem. Over the years, what exactly has broken down?
  2. Well, just things like my memory that burned up, and my graphics card. But now it seems like the problem is with the firmware itself, since i updated to windows vista ultimate. I updated to Windows 7 thinking that the problem might go away but still persists.
  3. Hello Ivanator,

    For your information I've upgrade my bios from 0401 to 0901 with Asus Update V7.17... It works good ! :)
    Do you know if there is an other bios more fresh than 0901 ? :sarcastic:

    I have a problem, I 've just buy an ati sapphire 5770 HD ... i' can't boot with this card :( and the upgrade has not change something...

    Someone coul'd help me ?
  4. Ivanator,

    I had EXACTLY the same problem with my Alienware computer as well. Upgrading the BIOS to 0603 did nothing. I, too, would come to a screeching halt when playing game (randomly--sometimes after 4 hours, sometimes after 3 minutes). Turns out that the issue was in fact the clock speed of the RAM. If memory serves, my comper shipper with 1GB DDR2 at 800 Mhz. After much persistance on my part, I got Alienware to agree to swap out the memory to DDR2 at 533MHz, and comp me an extra gig of RAm (total of 2) for the MONTHS) I spent on the phone with tech support to troubleshoot this issue.

    Maybe the BIOS 0901 has finally included a fix for this, seeing as when our systems shipped it was way back in 2006 or so. If not, try swapping out your RAm for the lower clock speed. I have not had a problem since (3-4 years).

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