I don't know what to buy

I'm an independent artist, a guitar player, composer, and singer, and I'm looking for the best in recording for a budget around 2000 dls. I have a MacBook if could help in something, I'm new in the recording language, and I do need things explained in english so I can understand well I think. I don't know how good quality could I get with my laptop, apogee duet and logic pro. Or is much better to get a recording card. I'll work doing 2 tracks at the time or one mostly to put them together and do the edition. I really want to get high quality recordings as better as possible with my budget at home, and I could wait longer to save more if the best option is more expensive. I'd really appreciate your help. I see tons of products in apogeedigital and I'm very confused. for example the GIO usb guitar interface vs the apogee duet.

thank you
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  1. a laptop to record music sound like a bad idea to me.

    If you want good quality recording you need good quality components.... and in the music industry those components are expensive.

    Just four a sound card: you need a specific one (cause normal sound card for computer wont cut it)

    buy a good desktop, buy good music components.

    You could go at a music store to get more information about products that would suite your needs.

    Good luck
  2. Hello
    Thank you for answer, to have an idea could you give an example what could be a good quality recording equipment to have at home? Then I can start reading about it before get to the store and buy something and be able to be focused on my real needs. As I read in your answer I see that I couldn't get really good quality with a laptop and logic pro, and is better to get a sound card. What should I be considering?
  3. From my experience you need a pro sound card because of latency normal card creates

    Wiki has some basic information that i found pretty interesting to guide you into choosing what is right for you


    So basically you should look at 3 things:


    number and compatibility of devices (plug sockets )

    Here's another forum that look interesting


    hope it helps
  4. Hi!

    My setting : a Macbook (two years old), an iMac (three years old), Logic Pro 9, a MOTU Traveller and an Apogee Duet. Both the MOTU Traveler and the Apogee Duet are soundcards. As is the Apogee Gio. The MOTU lets you record 8 tracks at a time, the Duet 2 at a time and the GIO just 1 (guitar). Apogge sound is stellar and is used by professionnal studios. My suggestion based on what you have said : get the Apogee Duet and you'll be happy.

    My two cents.


    P.S. No latency at all with the Apogee Duet and my laptop
  5. Hello thank you for your answers
    Lets see if I got it:
    I'm going to be doing rock music, I'm not interested about electronic or digital music, I'm going to be grabbing the sound from microphones, I'm trying to understand the signal chain to take a better informed decision:

    Sound ------- microphone -------- preamlification,processor, compressor, EQ, A/D------- DAW ------- D/A converter-------------speakers

    then I need the best microphone as possible to pick up guitar, voice, drums , talking about the apple stuff, the apogee duet would be doing the preamplification, processor and compressor work. The logic pro the DAW, and the computer the D/A work to be able to listen my music at the monitor speakers. I don't know if this is correct. Where in the signal chain would be a sound card? What are the commercial components corresponding to every step of the signal chain, if I consider other commercial devices?
    Thank you
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