What's wrong with my PC?

I'm experiencing problems with my PC since I unplugged CPU fan to clean it's dust and plugged it again. In fact when I turn it on the only thing happens is that the CPU fan starts to work and I don't hear the usual "beep" at the start up and there is no image on screen. Just in a few cases it works properly but again after a few seconds to a few minutes monitor goes blank and nothing happens.
I have tested it with all of my 3 memory modules individually and even without graphic card and I hear no "beep" and no screen.

What is wrong with my computer? does it pertain to motherboard?(I suggest it because just sometimes when I move it after turning it on-just sometimes- it works but after a few minutes every thing is the same again )

my PC is like this:
MB: gigabyte ga-945pl-s3
CPU: Intel® Pentium® D Processor 945 (4M Cache, 3.40 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
Ram: 3Xtwinmos 512MB
VGA: asus geforce 6200 TC
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  1. not sure, but running the machine without the fan for a couple of minutes should not be ruinous for your machine
  2. It seems pretty clear when you move it or wiggle it I would guess. This sounds like a clear case of a short or loose wiring.
    If you're proficient you can follow the link jsc provided, if not find a friend whom you know POSITIVELY is to help you disassemble/reassemble.
  3. Thank you all.
    I looked at troubleshooting thread and according to what is mentioned there I checked my computer with another PSU that I borrowed and it worked. It seems I should buy a new PSU.
    I'll inform you after buying a new PSU.
    Thank you again!
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