Ram running under 40% at full speed

Hello, my computer is very slow and my ram is never even reaching 40% of it's capacity. I took the CPU-Z tool to see my cpu's infos and that's what i got :
DRAM = 266 mhz
fsm = 1:2
12 clocks
*** i got a 3072mb(3gb) ram intel pentium t2390 (dual-core)1.86ghz.
core speed = between 1860-70 mhz
multiplier = 14X
bus speed = 133 mhz
rated fsb = 532 mhz

If I take some advices i found on this site, clocks should be doubled and the dram frequency too.so that would give me DRAM = 533mhz (x2 = 1066mhz)and clocks should be 8-8-8 24.
I just wanted to know is this is right and how to change these settings. Must I have to go in the bios at startup and if yes how.

here are screenshots in case you'd need some more info
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Take a picture of CPU-Z and post it here.
  2. You need use a online storage system like flicker or imageshack.us
  3. I will take a look of that when arrive to my home.
  4. so aint you got any answer ?
  5. Your RAM is running at 533MHz with CL 4-4-4-12 dual channel, everything is fine.¡ and you don't need change anything.

    The only thing that is double in dual channel is the frequency, the timings are the same for both, single and dual.
  6. and if set the ram to 533 and clocks to 8-8-8-24 wont it be 2x faster
  7. No, the CL works in different way. In other words, between more low be your CL and more high is your speed more faster is your RAM.
  8. well ok .... what should i do then to make my computer faster , it is very slow and there is no reason to it like i said its running under 40% of its ram capacity when running at full speed

    only raise up the ram frequency to 533 to double it to 1066ghz without changing clocks will do it ? ram should then run about 80% of its capacity and make my computer twice faster?

    if not i dont know what to do aint you'd got a soluce
  9. Your RAM is only used when the rig need it, check the virtual memory that can be another problem.
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