Confused: Help me pick a card

Howdy all, first post

I've just recently inherited a computer from my brother in law. Specs:

HP Pavilion Media Center m8200n
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
500 GB HD
GeForce 6150 SE Integrated
Vista Home Premium

Obviously the on board graphics suck. I downloaded the doom 3 demo and it had trouble playing the opening cut scene smoothly. I need to upgrade.

I'm not a hardcore gamer. I own a Xbox 360 so most games that come out, I just get for the 360. There are a couple of new games coming out that I am excited about, one being Diablo III. I'm more interested in running my older games on this computer such as quake and half-life.

I'm looking for a card that won't break the bank around $100 ish. I know I will probably need to upgrade the power supply as it is only 300W from what I have found online. I've been looking at Best Buy's website and referencing here and anandtech. Problem is most of the cards recommended in latest "bang for the buck" article are not sold by Best Buy or you have to order them. I'm impatient to a fault so I'd like to just walk in and buy something. So here's the link to all the cards that are on sale local to me. York and Reading/Wyomissing are the closest stores to me. Out of these, which ones would you buy?

I'm kind of leaning towards the XFX Radeon HD 4350 since it's under $100 and it's got 1GB of RAM, even though it's DDR2. Also feel free to link to other cards. If it's a good enough deal maybe I can bite the bullet and wait for shipping. Help!!!

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  1. Best Buy is a rip off, you can get the same card from amazon, newegg, or tigerdirect for half the price. I personally recommend you the ATI 4650 or even 4670 (I've read several people run it on their HP 300w PSU).
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    Exactly, check out, or Get an ATI 4670 and be happy.

    65 bucks plus shipping, and almost as powerful as the 100 dollar 9600gt best buy is offering. And should not require a power supply upgrade.
  3. Awesome, thanks for the advice. Now what is the difference between say this card and one made by XFX or a VisionTek? I know some put more memory on the card but is that the only difference? The chipset is the same so........
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