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What is the best single core CPU toor gete CPU to get?

The single core CPU that I can think of are:

AMD Athlon
AMD Athlon 64
AMD Athlon X2
AMD Athlon XP
AMD Duron
AMD Geode
AMD Opteron
AMD Sempron
AMD Turion 64
Intel Celeron
Intel Celeron D
Intel Celeron M
Intel Core Solo
Intel Itanium
Intel Pentium
Intel Pentium 4
Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Ed.
Intel Pentium 4 HT
Intel Pentium D
Intel Pentium III E
Intel Pentium M, Centrino
Intel Pentium MMX
Intel Xeon
Intel Xeon MP
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  1. Question: Why would you care?
  2. My intended use is for a computer cluster which doesn't utilize more than one multicourse CPU very well. I just want the fastest CPU.
  3. The best single core cpus are the celeron D 450 (when oc 3ghz+) and the Sempron 140.
  4. Thanks nForce!

    Anyway, I found out that the Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Ed. is actually dual core:

    Dual-Core Two physical cores in one processor support better system responsiveness and multi-tasking capability than a comparable single core processor.

    I'll edit it out from my original post.
  5. Well, overall, the Sempron 140 is the best. Decent power consumption.

    Icey cold when you touch it too...
  6. Also, the Semperton:

    System Bus: 4000 MHz
    Cache: 1 MB

    Vs. Intel Celeron D:

    FSB: 533 MHz
    Cache: 512 KB

    But does system bus and cache matter?
  7. Yes, they do.

    Celeron Ds are really old.

    Like my grandma. Maybe not. They are harder to find these days and cost about the same. The Sempron wins in performance hands down. Sempron sips less power too :)
  8. Celeron 4xx only forget any thing older there trash. Either than that its the Sempron 140.
  9. nForce, I didn't understand your post. Anyway, theSempron 140 has:

    Clock Speed2.7ghz
    L1 Cache
    L2 Cache
    Advanced Micro Devices, Inc
    Manufacturer Part Number
  10. The other chips are too old to be bought except the Celeron 440 and the Sempron 140. (Translation)

    Both are great CPUs.
  11. The 140's specifications:

    Amd Sempron 140 2.7ghz 4000MHz HT 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 w/ 64-bit Processing, AMD64 Technology, & Thermal Design Power of 45W
  12. You might be interested in my related thread concerning the Semperton:

    What's the difference between motherboard FSB & CPU FSB?
  13. Hmm.... even though your looking into the fastest single cores maybe you should into intel cpu's like the core i5, i7-860, or, i7-870.

    Yes there quad cores but when working on single threaded application these cpu will activate turbo boost. Increasing the GHz.

    The core i7- 870 when turbo boost activates will go from 2.9 ghz quad core to 3.6 ghz single core.

    (video demonstration)

    Not saying you should go for an i7 or an i5 but just somthing to think about.
  14. Pentium D are dual core.
  15. its not just mhz you want a high IPC also

    I'd still consider a modern dualcore intel, you can always disable a core or let it idle.
  16. rand_79 said:
    its not just mhz you want a high IPC also

    I'd still consider a modern dualcore intel, you can always disable a core or let it idle.

    That is one of the best options but if he/she wants to waste cash on a single core then a sempron 140 will be the best option.
  17. I also recommend the Sempron 140. I have yet to try it, but if I build another system, it will be using the Sempron 140. Currently, my main computer uses a Celeron 420 @ 2.66GHz/1333 fsb. With c1e it idles at 2.0GHz. My HTPC uses a Sempron Le-1100 barely overclocked to 2.0GHz, but spends most of it's time idling at 850 MHz. I've had a D 805, an e2160, e5200, X2 BE-2400, and X2 6000, but my needs were better served by single core CPUs, so I went back to my old stalwarts and have enjoyed the energy savings ever since.
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    If not Sempron 140 then Athlon 240e?
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