Help USB keyboard not detected in bios

Motherboard doesnt have a ps2 port........WTF. So, i use the usb to connect to the motherboard. Now, the bios wont recognise it because, its probably got usb legacy support disabled. So, now, its like egg or chicken first for me. Plz help. Motherboard is the 1155 socket intel h67vr. Its not even allowing me to start the PC. Plz help. :(
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  1. did you try to reset the cmos
  2. Irrelevant the board should configure usb support for bios configuration. Reset the board remove the cmos battery as well as do the jumper reset let sit for a minute or so without the battery, just to discharge the board, if it still doesn't pick up test your usb keyboard again as it may be faulty. ONe other thing they are phasing out the PS2 interface as it is old technology and is actually quiet a rubbish socket connection.
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