Multi GPU support in Mainboard

I want to know if my motherboard supports multi GPU.

Here is my CPU-Z data

Manufacturer Dell
Model OR849J A01
Chipset Intel X58 Rev.12
Southbridge Intel 82801JR(ICH10R)

My computer is DELL STUDIO XPS 435 MT with i7-920.
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  1. Yes Intel X58 chipset supports both SLI and CrossFire
  2. My service manual says that there is only one PCl x16 expansion bus and three PCl expansion buses .Will I be able to use Multi GPU
    "PCI Express 2.0 delivers up to 16GB/s bandwidth per port, double that of PCIe* 1.0. It provides leading-edge graphics performance and flexibility with support for dual x16 up to quad x8 graphic card configurations or any combinations in between."

    If it only has 1 PCI-E 16x slot then i don't think its a X58 board,can you check the case and see if it has 2 PCI-E slots or not ?
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    Your Dell may have a board with a x58 chipset, but it is a long, long way from a retail board. This is something people don't understand when they buy prebuilds.
    To keep cost low, Dell orders a chopped down version of the board with the bare minimum to run an i7 processor, and a single dedicated GPU. Your board only has 1 PCIe slot, and includes no support for SLI or Crossfire. Your system also comes with fairly underpowered 380 watt PSU. One review put the total wattage pull when the system is using all cores of the i7 at 360watts. So your PSU is not going to hold up to any type of graphic upgrade, even a better single card is going to cause you big problems. If your system suddenly refuses to boot one of these days, the PSU is the weak link in this system. (Unless you upgraded it when you bought it)
    But, what you do have is a pretty fast i7 that should play most modern games at upper mid range settings, and the price you paid for the system is really quite modest for an i7 based rig. But you are going to have to be happy with it the way it is I am afraid.
  5. Interesting,Intel officially says X58 has 2 PCI-E slots and Dell makes one with a single PCI-E slot ?
    Thanks for clearing it out jt :)
  6. Maziar said:
    Interesting,Intel officially says X58 has 2 PCI-E slots and Dell makes one with a single PCI-E slot ?
    Thanks for clearing it out jt :)

    Yeah, just google around, there are couple of pretty comprehensive reviews on these systems since they are one of the first from Dell implementing the i7. Like I said, the system is suggested in the reviews to be a great system for the price you pay. They also come with a 9800GT. But they definitely do not have a $300 retail X58 board in them.
  7. Can I attach a 5870 or 5850 in my system
  8. Can I upgrade my PSU
  9. You can use either HD 5850/5870 in your system but make sure your Power Supply can handle it
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