Intel E8400 + 6GB RAM?

I'm running:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
2 SATA Drives
512MB PCI-E Card Don't know which type...

I'm looking to get a MB that I can run with this spec but get more RAM slots?
I am in fact asking is it even possible to run more RAM with this CPU?
Is it even beneficial is the CPU gonna take advantage of it?

Any advice would be welcomed.
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  1. What are your tasks with your PC ?
  2. Running Photoshop CS4 and Streaming to PS3.
  3. Well 4GB is currently enough for your tasks,do you notice any slow downs ?
  4. I'm asking though is it possible to have more? From what I've searched for since I made the post it seems only the Intel I processors support more RAM. I was just wondering if my the E8400 with the right mother board could also gain from having more RAM.

    I don't notice my machine running slow, was just thinking of an upgrade is all.
  5. What is your motherboard ?
  6. I'm not at my machine and I can't remember right now...
  7. The limiting factor to the amount of RAM you can add to your machine is your motherboard not your CPU. AMD and Intel CPUs both support lots and lots of memory. Motherboards on the other hand have a limited number of memory slots. So you will need to tell us what your motherboard model is.
  8. Yes as i said it depends on your motherboard,so simply go to the motherboard's manufactures link and you can find how much RAM it supports
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