Msi p55-gd65 with core i5-750 don't boot

Hi, I have a problem first-time booting with the specified configuration. All fans are running, but all the 6 APS LEDs are lit and nothing happens after this. Anyone knows where I should start to look?

I have done everything by the manual, except I connected a 4-pin 12v supply to POWER1 instead of an 8-pin as specified in the manual (however 4 of the 8 connectors is hidden behind a plastic cap on the mobo, so I guess I did it right). Thanks in advance!
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  1. Could be the 8 pin connector. Or, try to reseat the ram. List your ps specs also. Some older ps just don't have enough juice for newer systems.
  2. Try booting with just one stick of RAM, (in the black slots, not blue)

    Most people commonly place them in the wrong ones..
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