I want to overclock and I need a cooler that fits a 1156 socket I found a scoring chart on toms hardware but wtf is Null are the ones scoreing 70 better that 33 because if so the arctic freeze is the best and its only 15 bucks compared to the 99 dollar zalman ar H70 at 150 please I want to choose a good one and if I can save money but I dont know water air and even how to understand Score (in null) under temperature because I understand degrees and faranheight

p55 usb3 f8 1156 socket gigabyte
I5 760
saphire 6950
aioc 850w most likely 700-750w actual
antec 300 case 5 fans includeing cpu and psu fans
22 inch Led 42 inch lcd both 1080p
8 gb kingston 1333 ram
1.0tb wd cavier blue 6gbs
a massive headache from trying to figure out these charts
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  1. Hi.

    What's your budget? 90% of current coolers are universal, that means that you can use it in any socket (AMD or Intel). The Hyper 212+ is a very good cooler for price/performance, but exist others for a little more price that performs better.
  2. I got tired of trying and forked out 75 dolars for a thermaltake fripo oc
  3. frio oc has 2 130mm fans and seems great i was confused cause the ones at the top of the chart scoring 77 were actually the cheapest
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