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I currently have the AMD stock AM3 fan and heatsink for my Phenom II. I would either like to replace the stock fan with something better or just get a whole new heatsink setup. I want something that will fit the AM3 slot and still maintain front to rear airflow and not create any space issues with the RAM. I am also OK with a fan that blows down on the CPU like the stock does. I do not need anything too crazy, but I am open to all suggestions. My mobo is the ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 if that helps. Thanks.
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  1. seems hyper 212 be better suited in terms of both performance and price is quite cheap
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    i have a scythe katana, fits nice in my case, should work in most others as well, just about a 1/4 inch higher than my PSU when case is on its side i forget all the measurements, but this thing looks big, fits in smaller cases --- just not SMALL cases
    very quiet and less than 40$ -- quiet is key and the airflow will be to back of your case, most other solutions throw the air at your card or your psu,, the katana will throw it to the back --- i have the asus m4a785TD-M EVO so quite similar, just a little older.
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