Onboard ATI graphic..how to disable it?????

On my ASUS M4A785D-M PRO motherboard is ATI onboard graphic but unfortunately I dont know how to disable onboard graphic in bios I have tryed and play with bios but still nothing...
The reason why I want to swith it off is because I bought Palit GTS 250 Green 1Gb graphic card which is Nvidia but I cant get it working..
Can anyone help me please..
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  1. Just install the GTS and BIOS will pick it up and disable onboard graphics automatically.
  2. I have tryed many times to install GTS 250 will original CD what came with it but it said there isnt any suitable hardware for thid driver..any other ideas?
  3. Try reseating the graphics card. Be sure to plug in the 12v auxillary to the card. If that doesn't work, you might try resetting the CMOS jumper to default the BIOS. Instructions for jumper reset are in the MB. There is no need to disable onboard in BIOS. Just install the GTS properly.
  4. Ok..could you tell me how to reset graphic card? My graphic card is in PCI-E slot and it is powered from PSU by 6-pin and fan is spining as it should..Dont think it will be the BIOS because its October 2009 version so it should be fine..what you think?
    And about the reseting graphic card???
  5. RESEAT. Not reset. Reinstall the graphics card. Remove it from the PCIE slot and 'reseat' it. Also, resetting the CMOS jumper does not update the BIOS version. It defaults the current BIOS to default values. If the GTS 250 is installed properly, BIOS will pick it up and disable onboard automatically.
  6. OK thanks..im going to try it now..will let you know later
  7. If that doesn't work, try defaulting the BIOS.
  8. When you install the card in the PCI-e slot be sure you also plug the monitor into the connector on the new video card - and then the system should automatically disable the onboard chip.
  9. Ok guys..im gona try it all out will be back in abit..thanks for advice
  10. One more thing..when i will reset CMOS should i keep the GTS 250 in PCI-E slot or take it out while im doing it????
  11. CMOS jumper reset instructions in MB manual. Unplug the system. Remove battery and reset jumper. Reseat the graphics card and leave it in.
  12. ok thanks..hope it will help..will inform you what happened.
  13. If you know how to default the BIOS by entering BIOS on start up, you can default it there.
  14. yes i have tryed it aswel in the bios by pressing F5 and bios sets to default..problem was same.kk go to reset cmos now..
  15. I just did reset CMOS, reaset my card and set bios default..tryed to install driver in windows but it wont let me its said NOT SUITABLE DRIVER FOR YOUR VGA CHIP..this cd came with graphic card..system just doesnt want to recognise my card in pci-e slot for some reason..i really dont know what to do...
  16. Well, the card gets to desktop because you are plugging the monitor into the GTS. Check in Device manager and see if the GTS shows up there.
  17. I have monitor plugged into onboard graphic otherwise i tryed plug it to the GTS but the monitor is just black..checked device manager and there is only ATI Radeon HD 4200 which is onboard one, but gts isnt there..
  18. Sounds like you have a defective video card. Is it possible to try and install it in another system to check it?
  19. BTW, while you are at desktop with the GTS installed, check device manager and see if the GTS shows up there.
  20. well i will try and ask my friend on monday..my bios version is 07/072009 do you think it would help if i try and update it for newer version if there is any..????
  21. Systen BIOS version has nothing to do with it. There wouild be no BIOS version that updated to support GTS 250. Leave the GTS installed and open device manager and check if the GTS shows up under display adapters. If not, the card is likely faulty. Try installing the GTS in another machine.
  22. Ok..maybe its PSU which is Powertek 500W so its maybe that... anyway i will try it on different motherboard and will see what will happen..thanks
  23. PSU could be a possibility too. Check back in and post how things went with it.
  24. yeah i will do..thanks for your help...speak to you soon.
  25. well i have a spare computer and i just tryed this GTS 250 in my spare pc it didnt work aswell so i will have to send it back to overclockers hope they will send me a new one...
  26. I have sent the GTS 250 back and they replaced it with new one, got it 2day tryed it on but it's same as before,either bios or OS doesn't want to pick it up any GTS 250 it wont find it so i really dont know now..
    There is a 2 6-pin connectors does any1 know if i have to plug both of them i have 500W PSU..I have just 1 6-pin connector so I'm thinkin that my PSU its maybe to low or I need have 2 6-pin plugged in?????
    Any ideas?
  27. YES you need to have both 6 pin connectors connected - otherwise the card will not work !! - did the card come with a Molex to 6 pin adapter ? If your PSU only has 1 6 pin connector you need to use an adapter to get a second one to attach - Here is a pic of the adapter ( http://www.interconector.es/imgart/AC-VP11.jpg )
  28. The card will require two 6 pin 12v auxillary connectors to have sufficient power to be detected and run properly. You will need a dual 4 pin to 6 pin 12v adapter like this for the second power source to the card. A PSU upgrade may be necessary if the system becomes unstable powering the card correctly.

  29. Thanks.. So do you think that's why its not detected because I have only 1 6-pin connector plugged???
    In a GTS 250 box was only 1 6-pin included dont know why...
    I bought 2 days ago this PSU check it...


    there is a list of graphic card compatible..GTS 250 is one of them too..
    I know its not the best PSU but for now its should do
    What you think??
  30. Quote:
    So do you think that's why its not detected because I have only 1 6-pin connector plugged???

    Most assuredly this is why he card is not detected. The card has inefficient power. The card requires two six pin 12v auxillary leads for proper ground.

    The PSU you linked has only one 6 pin 12v lead. You will need a 4 pin to 6 pin adapter like I linked to power the card. The PSU has 21A x 2 12v which should be adequate power for the card, but I am not familiar with the quality of the unit. Look in the box the NV 250 came in for a 4 to 6 pin adapter that may have been included. You need that adapter to run the card!
  31. Ok so that's why i think it doesnt detect anything..The 6Pin Adapter you linked-I have exactly same one but only 1,when i get my new PSU i will be able to plug them both..shoud be any days now...
    This 6Pin Adapter has on 1 end 6-pin connector which goes into graphic card and on otherside is 2x power connector..exactly as u linked..could u tell me why is there 2 powers connectors??? do they have to be both plug in?
  32. You will need a 4 pin molex to 6 pin 12v adapter to go along with the one 12v 6 pin 12v already on the PSU. The card requires both 6 pin 12v sources to be plugged in to provide the proper ground and source of 12v power to the card. Two 12v power sources still equals 12v power, but properly grounded with two sources.
  33. Ok thanks..just had a email my PSU i bought was shipped today so should get it soon, will try it and i will let you know..
  34. Good deal.
  35. About the GTS 250 now,
    Got this new 700W power supplier yeasterday..i have put it into my case and plugged everything in and also plug 2 6-pin connectors in but screen did stay black,spent about 3 hours yeasterday and on the end i GOT IT WORKING PERFECT,so it definatly need 2 6-pin connectors to be plug into GTS..
    GTS is working perfect..so that last GTS 250 i have sent back to overclockers was propably NOT faulty but they have replaced it anyway :)
    Thank badge for your support and help i really appriciate..
  36. Your welcome and glad to see you have it working. Enjoy it.
  37. hi all i just got an ATI readon HD 4350 whin i plugged it wih my monitor cable it didnt showed any thing it was black i even tried to turn of the on board graphic gard and it still gives the same error plzzzzzz help
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