ECS P4M800PRO V2 bios problem

I have an ECS P4M800PRO V2. It was working fine, until I loaned it. My buddy tried overclocking it. When he did, the screen went black on reboot. I have pulled battery and moved bios pin. Neither have worked. Is it my video card? Is the motherboard shot?
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  1. You need to explain better. What is the computer when its trying to boot?
  2. When you push the power button, I can ear it beep. My monitor says "no image" and never comes on. I am thinking the integral video card is cooked. He upped the voltage to the RAM and processor, but did nothing to video.
  3. I also tried putting my xp disk in and booting cd. The screen never goes to post.
  4. do you have access to any old PCIe card?
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