How do I find out if my Pentium 4 is capable of hyper-threading?

I heard many Dell pentium 4's had HT turned off by default. I was wondering how to tell if mine is capable of HT but just has it turned off. Thanks. Here is a screenshot:
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  1. Yes, it should be hyperthreading capable. The problem with that, however, is if Dell disabled it they probably did not even include turning it on as an option. But check the BIOS at startup there may be an option to enable it.

    I have this problem with my Prescott on a Dell XPS. It's capable of a BIOS update to enable 64 bit instructions, but Dell never included it as a BIOS update for my motherboard.
  2. you can't enable 64bit instructions on a pentium 4, it's 32bit only
  3. All HT capable P4's had 800MHz FSBs, yours has a 533MHz FSB indicating that it is one of the older models that is not HT capable.
  4. 533MHz FSB Pentium 4...... ^^;

    You really need to upgrade now.
  5. the CPU u have is a skt478 P4, they did not have hyperthreading on these chips, only on the skt775 chips, also the 64bit instructions never come in untill the very late pentiums and pentium d.
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