First time Builder using a Gigabyte GA-7DXR

I am trying to build my first Pc, I really don,t know how to connect the mobo to the case and would like a link for detailed diagrams as to where each plug from the case goes on the mobo, I bought this board probably 6-7 years ago and had it on the shelf since, I lost the booklet so I am going by what I can find on the net to set it all up.. thank you in advance
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  1. Find the manual online. It should tell you what each plug on your motherboard goes to. But may i ask why are you using a 6 year old motherboard? Thats older than the computer i just got rid of.
    Download from wherever you are.
  2. Do you mean you need help screwing the motherboard onto the case? It should only fit one way - the back panel facing out the back where the opening is, the expansion slots at the bottom, etc... Make sure your case is the same form factor as the motherboard (ATX). There are little grey holes for the screws to go through into the risers. Let me know if i'm misunderstanding you.
  3. you need to fit stand offs into the case in the right locations for the mb mounting holes . Once theyre in place the mb in and screw it in place
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