MSI P965, new hardrive. No display comes up, can't see bios.

I bought a working computer from my friend, minus the hardrive. So I bought a new WD hardrive, and when I power on I get the error (check cable). BTW I have tried 2 seperate dvi cables and also an analog cable with dvi converter. The video card fan also spins normally.

I have a MSI P965 Neo
Nvidia GeForce 6 series
WD Caviar Black 1TB SATA

I am assuming this is a bios/driver problem. I have read something about 'clearing the bios' but am not sure if this is what needs to be done, or where to start. Everything worked with the other hardrive. I have never encountered this problem before, everytime I ever installed a new hardrive I was able to boot from cd with no problems.
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  1. Check cable means the sata cable. Some older designs pull out easily. The newer ones lock in place, and will save you from this problem.
  2. I should have been more specific, Check Signal Cable was the error FROM THE MONITOR. I Located the jumper pins and battery and tried resetting the bios using both methods. Now I get no msg from the monitor at all. when i boot the computer the screen just goes to blank after searching for analog/digital signal for a few moments. Any ideas?
  3. Ive checked for any loose connections, removed all drives and ram except 1, tried in all 4 slots. Unfortunately I don't have an on-board speaker so I can't tell if I'm getting beep codes. I also tried removing all power to the mother board while resetting the bios.


    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  4. so when you start the pc, the monitor just says 'check signal cable'? what is the name of your geforce 6-series card? most 6-series cards are used in an AGP slot and not a PCIe x16 slot which u have.

    if your 6-series card is a PCIe x16 card, are all power connectors to your graphics card plugged in correctly? i only ask because i tried to install a graphics card for the first time a few weeks ago (it was a geforce 9600gso) but when i plugged it into the port and booted, i think i got the same message as u. i realised that i hadnt plugged the PSU into the card. the fan on the card draws power from the motherboard but the actual GPU needs to be connected to the Power supply!

    1. check all power connectors are connected to the graphics card.
    2. check that your monitor is actually connected to the graphics card and not the onboard socket.
    3. try the graphics card in another pc to check if it works or not.

    if your graphics card does not work in another pc, replace it as this is your problem!!!
  5. Not sure what I did to fix it, but this issue is solved. Thank You for your help.
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