Motherboard overclockable neccesary i5 2500k?

Hello, i want to buy a new system with an i5 2500K, and i'm confused over the motherboard chipsets, do i need a P67 chipset if i want to overclock the i5 or is a standard (H61, H67) chipset enough? Since with the i5 2500K you can just increase the multiplier right? Is an overclock on the northbride (still the same or different with sandy bridge?) necessary to notice the overclock on the i5, or is Just overclocking the i5 enough?

I've asked a lot of questions here and i hope you can help me out,

thanks in advance
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    If you want use a dedicated GPU (I think that you want), go with a P67 chipset mobo, there are some cheap ASRock that give you very good results for overclock.

    The multiplier is the only one that you need change as well as the voltage to keep the overclock stable but keep in mind the temps and the safe voltage of that CPU.

    Here is a guide for overclock your SB CPU.
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    For OCing the SB processors (Ix-xxxxk) you need a P67 or a Z68 MB. The H series does not allow for increasing the CPU multiplier.

    If only about 10->20 Bucks diff between the P67 and equivalent Z68, then go for the Z68. The advantages out weight the small diff in price.
  3. So what's the difference between a Z68 and a P67? I've found you can let a SSD drive cache for a normal HDD but i dont plan on buying a SSD anytime soon, so that's not relevant. Are there any other differences?
    Out of this list: which MB should i take? (i'd like to keep the price somewhat low, preferably around and if possible below 100 euro) I'm bound to Alternate because i let them assemble the computer for me (since i dont really dare to install the CPU fan and thermal paste). I dont need firewire, USB 3.0 is not necessary, 5.1 sound is necessary though. I also don't plan on using more than 1 GPU so 2x PCIe 2.0 isn't mandatory either.
    The MB i think of getting is the MSI P67S-C43 (B3), but i can't seem to find any reviews. Will this board let me overclock (not extreme overclock ofc, but just decent)?

    I hope someone can help me out,

    Thanks in advance
  4. While the Z68 support SRT, I find that to be the least important feature.

    The primary reason I like the Z68 is for the ability to use the Cpu IGP. While most users will use a dedicated GPU, I find this to be an excellent addition over the P67 series. (1) During the inital build you can use the IGP, if a problem posting it rules out the GPU. The only other way is to obtain a 2nd GPU and try - look at the number of users who can not boot to bios (Note overall probably a small percentage) - BUT if you are in that group and have a problem, Well. (2) Should the dedicated GPU fail, you will still be able to use the computer (IGP) untill you replace the dedicated GPU. To me this is worth the small diff in price alone!

    Higher performance for video encoding, you did mention your usage and if only interested in gaming then this is also an unneed feature.

    For the lower end MB, P67 or Z68, make sure it provides the number of SATA II and III ports and USB2/3 ports that you will need keep in mind the Future! Also verify the # of Pci-2 slots - If a year or two down stream you decide to go with SLI/Xfire for GPU, you will need a MB with 2 X16 slots @ x8, x8
  5. Thank you all for your replies,

    From what you've said i've concluded i don't need the Z68 chipset as i don't need the SRT, nor do i need the intel graphics since i am buying a Nvidia 560, so there is no need. As for GPU failure, there i'm not so worried about that. From what i understand from RetiredChief's post the unlocked multiplier of the i5 2500K is unaccesable on a H61/H67 chipset. This leads me to pick a P67 MB, and i will ask in the motherboard forum if people have experience with the MSI P67S-C43 (B3).

    Thanks for the help
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