New Build, Best memory?

Anyone have an idea on the fastest 8 or more gigs to put into an MSI 790fx GD70?

Was looking at the Corsair Dominator 4x2 1600's

Build will be used primarily for video editing running Win 7 64

Build Thus Far:

Corsair 800D case
MSI 790FX GD70
3x WD Caviar Blacks 1Tb 2 will be in RAID 1 for data
AMD 965 BE
OCZ 850Watt Modular Gold
2x Sony Optiarc Burners
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  1. is use 2 x 2gb corsair domitator gt 7 7 7 20 1.65v timings but yiu ahve to set it up in bios manually
    these are rated at 1600 speed there fine in ga-790fxta-ud5 amd 965 c3 125 watt coasiar h50-1 works fine
  2. Thanks Andy, I ended up getting 8 gigs of G Skill Ripjaws, they did need tweaking in bios, I have the system overclocked to 3.97 Ghz with the H50-1 running stable, can't break the 4.0 mark without stability issues, thinking might be the voltage but am unable to change it. Such is life. Temps run mid 50's at full load after 4 hours. The H50 is twin fanned---push pull That was my first foray into liquid cooling, seeing the advantages of liquid I will probably make a full water cooling attempt next winter as a cold weather project
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