100+ celsius idle?

I just bought a new 4870 iceq4 turbo. viewing it in catalyst control center, it runs at 100+ celsius idle. if i play a game, it eventually causes my computer to turn off. i have the sides/top off my computer, and a 18" house fan blowing on it. i have every fan in my computer working. the benchmark on iceq4's is about 60 celsius under heavy load... is my coolant system broken?
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  1. is there a program that could make my fan go over 100%? it reallly does seem weak
  2. RMA the card. No 4870 should idle that high.
  3. RMA? what's that stand for
  4. Returned Materials Authorization. Contact the manufacturer to return it. The store you bought it from MAY take it back for return/replacement, but if not, you will have to talk to the manufacturer.

    The 89 minutes since you asked could have been used to google the term, understand it, then initiated returning the card to the manufacturer or store. Really now.
  5. considering it was 6 am i just went to sleep instead. thanks for the info, next time save the attitude.
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