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Cpu and ram temp

I have everything need to overclock now as I bought a thermalake frio oc but I still have no clue how to monitor any temps except my gc. what program can I use to see my cpu temp and my ram temp

p55usb3 f8
thermalake frio oc ed 2x
6950 saphire card
caviar blue wd 6gbs
aioc 850w
22inch led and 42 inch lcd both 1080p
4x 2gb kingston ram 1333mhx
antec 300 case 3 fans and cpu fan and the thermalake mentioned above

what can i use to monitor my temps so I dont fry everything
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    The RAM temps are not as important always that your keep the RAM in the frequencies and timings of the manufacturer. For monitor your CPU, you can use coretemp or HWMonitor.
  2. thank u very muchly
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