HD 4850 with Akasa Neo- help!

I bought a cheap Sapphire 4850, that came with a single slot pretty poor cooler, that was crashing whenever I run Crysis in large open areas(settings on high) at 1650x1050, due to the astronomical temps it was hitting, so I bought the Akasa Vortexx Neo, which I have attached to the card, form what I can tell very well- thin layer of paste, pads on all the memory chips, however when I run the PC it goes for about 1-2mins before it just shuts down. I managed to check GPU temps, and it was only at 45c.

I'm completely puzzled at why it won't work, could it be because I don't have a 4pin plug to plug cooler directly into card? Only have a 3pin cable which I'm putting straight into my mobo.

Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. Like I asked the other person earlier this morning, how big is your PSU? How many watts?

    Does it only crash when you run this game? What about other stuff, like productivity or web surfing?
  2. I've got an OCZ 500w. The PC runs fine with everything else- surfing, playing wow at full settings, photo editing, its just overheating with crysis.

    I tried to fit the stock cooler back on & it run with no problems at all. I'm thinking that I should either try & get a 3-4 pin cable converter that can plug straight into the gpu, or the Akasa cooler I got is faulty, hmmm
  3. How about your casing? Does it have adequate cooling?
  4. Most likely you need a heatsink on the vrm's also. They are probably overheating.
  5. I think I've cracked it, I run the 4850 with the akasa cooler attached, plugged straight into the PSU, but with the stock cooler still plugged into the card(holding in my hand), & it was able to run for a good 20mins - until I unplugged the stock cooler front the card.

    Seems to be a problem with the Ati drivers/software refusing to start up if there is no cooler detected on the card, & unfortunately tha Akasa cooler only comes with a 3 pin cable. Might have to house the stock cooler in my case(maybe do some cooling for hard drive), or buy a 3 to 4 pin converter cable to plug Akasa cooler into card, though they seem quite hard to come by.
  6. Sorry people, still no luck- even wth the stock cooler plugged into the HD 4850, the PC is still crashing quite randomnly, sometimes it runs for 1-2mins, other times it'll run for hours & run Crysis no problem. The Akasa cooler is also definitely keeping the 4850 cool, now I'm completely puzzled at what the problem could be, any ideas?

    Here are my specs

    OCZ Stealthstream 500w
    AsRock K10N78
    Kingston 2Gb PC8500 DDR2(1Gb x 2)
    320 GB
    Xclio Propeller(with rear exhaust fan)
    AMD 7850 @ 2.8 Ghz
    Sapphire HD 4850 512mb
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