Computer Freeze problem plz help!

Hi guys I am new to this forum, but thought somebody could help me out with this annoying problem I recently had with my computer. Much appreciated.

To start off, here’s my spec,

AMD Phenom II x3 710
G-Skill 4G DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz

Recently I decided to overclock my computer a little bit, you know, just simply raising the FBS and test stability and stuff, just to learn more about computers.

The highest speed I got to was 3.0 GHz, because I’m new to this so I didn’t want to go too far, and I only got stock fun as well.

My last configuration on the BIOS was this (and I never touched other configs);

Frequency: 2990
Ref*multi: 230*13
NB frequency: 2100
All others are in Auto mode.

I then ran Prime95 for 12h without any error, and temperature is around 44c (however when I ran prime95, the temperature raised to almost 70c), so I thought perhaps the system is stable, I then go on and played some game, Dirt3 and FIFA11. However after I entered the game for 5-10m, my computer freezes, no blue screen though, just freeze. This happens only when I play big games.

So I used the jumper on my motherboard and reset the BIOS, I thought the problem would go away but it didn’t, same thing still happening. So I did some research and ran Memtest86+ as well without any error.

This is where I’m up to at the moment; I don’t know where to look for problems and how to fix them anymore. Please help me get my computer back to normal. I’d never do overclock again I think…

If you need more information, I’d be happy to provide. Thank you!
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  1. I suspect the problem is in your GPU. Download FurMark and run the test on your GPU. Note that FurMark will but a significant load on your GPU, and as a result, the GPU temps will skyrocket. If your system crashes, freezes, or otherwise incapacitates itself during the FurMark testing, then it is very likely that the GPU isn't up to par. You should also note that some people have killed their 4XXX series cards using FurMark, so if you can, turn the GPU fan on to full/100% before running FurMark.

    Alternatively, try reducing the display settings in your games.
  2. my 4850x2 is doing the same thing, pretty sure its the card, they always had heat problems
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