Hello guys..Ive been trolling around lately reading forums and doing research on motherboards.What I have noticed is everyone seems to speak very highly of EVGA mobos and there customer support..Is this the case? because If so Im about to buy 1 .... is this a good board?

EVGA P55 FTW 200
Intel P55 Chipset
Supports Intel Socket 1156 Processors
Dual Channel DDR3
133 Mhz QPI FSB
Part Number: 141-LF-E658-KR
EVGA Price $299.99 More Product Information
Compare Products Now Family&series=Intel P55 Series Family
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    If it comes with a lifetime warranty (with online registration) then I would buy it. Can't tell you if it overclocks well, if that's your priority.
  2. I seroiusly doubt anything comes with a lifetime warranty.. So pst me if you find a warranty like that..
    The problem is I have always been an AMD customer ,They have always been affordable but lets face it Intel i7's are running circles around them right now.. so I am considering a change..
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