Help me build my new $2500 gamin rig

looks like i hit the motherlode for advice. i'd appreciate any help. havn't built a new rig in a while.. building new one asap..
the only thing i'm keepin is my keyboard.

also looking at a hans g 27.5 monitor (not inluded in $2500) any opinions?

don't need speakers but a good set of headphones please.. my turtle beachs have been epoxied together too many times..

the only thing on my wish list so far is a HAF and vista 64...

i'm at ur mercy.. ready...go.. :bounce:
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  1. How about these parts:

    Graphics Card
    Power Supply
    Hard Drive

    Hope this helps!
  2. thanks 4 the quick reply.

    was leaning towards that ram, the ocz plat.

    looks like u kept stuff on the lower $ side..
    side notes..
    prob will be doing some overclocking. thinking about maybe a simple h20 cpu cooler?
    mainly play online fps's competitively.. lookin for frame rates baby :)
    leaning towards two wd raptor 300's.. overkill on speed?
  3. I personally wouldn't recommend the raptors, if you want speed for a reasonable price just stripe two 640gb WD Blacks. For overclocking I would go with this HSF. BTW the system I listed above is highly upgradable, you can double the RAM to 12 gb (if that ever becomes necessary ;)) Crossfire another 4890, switch out the processor, and as I said above add a second hard drive in raid.
  4. I would get the corsair 850wHX, PCpower 910w Silencer or Antec Signature 850w.
  5. thanks rags. did just stick a corsair 650 in my old comp before i'm passing it on to my pop. things are nice.. was debating the 850 or 1000 for this build.. modular cables would be SWEET..

    what about a sound card? looks like a debate if they are still needed. used a x-fi in my last comp..
  6. ^ Seems like you have parts which you can source from your previous build...I would suggest you to check this thread and fill the info and paste it here...
    It would help us to help you better...
  7. thanks gkay.. read that earlier but, my old comp, including my two 8800gt's are getting passed on to my pop. so, startin from scratch..

    basically, if you had 2500$ to spend and wanted the best gamin rig you could build from scratch say, off newegg, what would you get......?
  8. Hmm...

    I would do this...

    CPU + Mobo
    i7 920 + P6T Deluxe V2

    RAM -
    Very high quality memory, CAS 7, DDR3 1600MHz
    Mushkin 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

    HDD -
    Well for that money, you can easily include a SSD here...
    OS + Apps (Maybe 1 or 2 games)
    OCZ Vertex 60GB (If you can get 2 in RAID 0, which would give you incredible performance)

    Backup data
    WD Black 1TB

    Graphics card - 2x
    EVGA 896-P3-1170-AR GeForce GTX 275 896MB

    Power supply - A 850W is more than suffice for your setup...but the 1000HX with rebates, comes down to the price of the 850...So you decide...

    CASE -
    2 Kinds ->

    1. Fancy with LEDs...

    2. Quiet, suttle with very good features

    Thermal Grease
    Tuniq TX-3 Extreme Performance and Exceptional Reliability

    CPU Cooling -
    Scythe Mugen 2 - Get 2 fans in Push-Pull config for max performance...

    BD Player/ Burner...

    So how is this setup...
  9. thanks gkay09.. just found a great combo deal with that card.. little nervous about the reviews on the sdd

    ok.. so far..

    hans g 27.5 in monitor

    case: haf 932 $132

    combo deal $469!!!
    PSU: corsair 1000hx
    ram: 6gb corsair dominator 1600 -is this as good?
    gpu: evga gtx 275

    1 more 275 $234

    combo $529.98
    cpu: i7 920
    mobo: asus p6t delux v2 -is this worth upgrading? like 2 a rampage 2 extreme?

    bd player/burner: lg ggw h20l $179.99

    that's $1,544.97 so far....

    still debating hard drives.. ssd and a storage or 2 raptor 300's??
    and maybe a water cooler like a thermaltake, swiftech or the new corsair....
    any opinions on a sound card?
  10. I love my HannsG 28", but if I had that budget, I would save a little from the build and and get a better brand monitor. Dont get me wrong, I love this thing and would buy it again. But I am scared of it going out and dealing with support from a little company. Just sayin is all......
  11. thanks loudr1.. i'll keep that in mind. buddy i play w has one runnin on his two 4870X2's and loves it..
  12. The above is just a reference. I would get a full ATX board and case. I personally would not spend that much for graphics. I'd rather put in one card and if it's good enough put the rest of the money aside for a DX11 card in two years.

    Keep your eye on Larrabee. There might be something to getting a single graphics card and leaving a second PCIe x16 slot free for a Larrabee board in a year or two. Larrabee has the potential to supplement either the CPU or graphics so it's interesting technology.

    Auzentech Forte X-Fi 7.1 (on sale now and then at NCIX for $110)

    Windows 7 x64 (no question; get the Release Candidate for free and buy the OEM version later)

    Look for reviews. Don't get surround sound headphones. Sound cards like the Forte have a Virtual surround mode for headphones that works INCREDIBLE.
  13. thanks photon.. that's a cramped lil rig there.. lol
  14. bump.. lookin to buy tom.. any more suggestions?
  15. alright, biggest debate right now is a motherboard.. have read the p6t delux v2 is a lil older? too many to choose from!! argh.. is the maximum pc choice of the msi eclipse worth the money? does have a sb xfi....
  16. Ok true is you have lost of money to spend< honestly, more than what you need. But hey lets use all that money for the best build i have ever recomended:

    start up with Mobo and cpu, certanly 2 out of the 3 main components:

    I say go extreme here with { }

    Cpu cooler, I like this one { } also extreme

    you need memory that its good and trustworthy so i chose this { }

    VGA, now lest be realistic, it all the depends on resolution you play, and its no lie ATI has been doing really good after the introduction of 4850 and the big boy 4870, so lets get to the monitor before we get to the VGA

    I choose { } because of its incredible price and because we all know how good of a company is Asus

    so back to businees with the VGA, i chose 2x 4890 { } one is enough to handle anything at the resolution but 2 because you can and it aslo going to last you more before you upgrade.

    you can have a dvd bruner no problem, true is we alway want more so I went ahead and included this { } as long with this { } and lest just say your budget is cover.

    Now you probably going to want most of the laters games, but you will also want them to load in no time, its ok we all want that, so i came up with this { } for windows and some apps, and this for storage { }

    essentially you need a windows but this is no brainer as i think we all want this { }

    sometimes sound its just as important as video to make our games more vivid and real so i think this is a good choice { }

    Now you need to power all this, thats when we need watts, and we are going to ask the good people from antec to help and chose this { }

    and i guess all of that isnt going to held itslef into place, and who say you cant have traditional and cool at the same time, you dont believe me ask the people from chevy cobra, or the people at cooler master that did this { }

    for a great total of $2,481.34 without shipping included but as most of this products are free shipping it will all be around 2,500 our budget.!!
  17. thanks 4 the vary detailed build snake... like that board better than the rampage 2..?
  18. they both really good boards when we talk about extreme, I dont really think you cant go wrong with any of those 2 boards, now the rampage is $50 more than the Gigabyte, its your money and your go. Now if you really want to know which one is my fav x58 board that will be the Evga classified { } as for why, true is I just love that board, simply appeals to me, and if you want it, it fits in your budget by going with 2 gtx260 or 1 gtx280 , i recomend going with 1 card solution if you like this board, i either say 1 gtx 285 or gtx 280, any of those will be great with the monitor i mention early...

    to be honest, with that money you have no budget restrain, I recomend picking the parts you like the most, so you wont feel like you have to change them down the road, trust can do 1000 hours research and ended up buying sumthing that doesnt satisfice you, and thats the worst feeling..

    put some pics when the build its done,,i will love to see how it turns out>> :kaola:
  19. Oh...well, I wont go into specific parts for your but, for your budget range, having a 15k rpm drive (fujitso or hitachi) or a nice Intel Solid State is must, also, for your budget I would game on a 26'' monitor or more and have either 2way or 3way SLI GTX285's or an ATI 4890 in crossfire. Oh and I would get a core i7 920 and get good cooling to overclock it to 3.2GHZ+
  20. thanks guys and yeah snake, i'm bad about that.. research for ever :)
    will do on the pics and ya, that classified is bad ass! been lookin at it already.. in a haf , paint the inside black.. ohhhhhh... have to clean up now...
  21. The Rampage 2 Extreme and the EVGA Classified are the best enthusiast i7 boards out there...
    Both of them would offer very similar performance...
    But more of it depends on your abilities...

    If you are very addictive about overclocking and always like to tweak the settings, then get either of those boards...
    But if you are not, then those boards are not much worth as you can achieve a easy 1GHz overclock easy even with P6T(Though you wont get the exotic overclocking options) and invest the extra money else where...

    And the Deluxe V2 offers pretty much all the regular features apart from the premium sound and the extra overclocking options...
    And it is not a very old board :P it was released with the Rampage 2...

    And as for the SSD, don't buy any SSD for now...Wait for few days as intel is sure of launching newer, bigger SSDs, which wont break the bank...Then buy one...

    As for the RAM,
    If you get a good deal on the Dominators, then get them...
    But the Mushkins that I had listed have better timings, cheaper and are as good as the Corsairs...

    CPU cooler - Still I stand by the Scythe Mugen 2
    Reason -
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