Drivers causing blue screen on radeon 4830

My computer has been getting a random bsod crash every few days for the past couple of weeks and whenever it restarts it gives me a message saying that an ati graphics driver has stopped responding. I downloaded driver sweeper a few days ago and uninstalled, then reinstalled latest drivers from ATI's website. I thought the problem was fixed but then this morning I got another video driver related crash.

Right before a bsod occurs I get weird lines and patterns on the screen and sometimes the lower 60% of it turns black so I am 99% sure its either a video driver or card issue.

Does anyone here have a clue of what might be causing all these crashes? Any help would be appreciated greatly.

My system specs are intel core 2 quad Q6600 not overclocked at all, arctic cooling freezer 7 heatsink, gigabyte ep35 ds3l motherboard, 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR2-800 ram, OCZ gamextreme 700W PSU, Sapphire ati radeon 4830 graphics card, running on windows vista 64 it.
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  1. Driver cleaners can hose your system. Try a Windows repair.
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