MB - no boot, no beeps

My Foxconn x38A just stopped booting: no beeps, no BIOS, just the screen with the image. This was a working MB.

other info:

-if I clear the BIOS I can get to the Setup screen. But just once. After saving and exiting the PC will no longer boot again.
-if i pull the memory and boot I get a horrendous series of fast beeps (probably telling me there's no RAM). If reinsert on DDR-2 stick I once again can get to the SETUP but then no luck after saving.
-I checked the MB battery and it's delivering 3V.

Intel Quad Core
Corsair DDR-2 (2 sticks, 2 G each)

Any ideas much appreciated!
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  1. Check your ram specs. You may have to bump up the ram voltage setting in the bios. The default setting is either 1.8 or 1.9 volts. Try upping your current setting by .1 volts.
  2. Solved:

    It turns out my pci/e video card needed to be fully reseated. After that everything was back in working order.

    Thanks to o1die for the tip regarding the DDR Corsair memory which did indeed demand 1.9 v. The MB was delivery only 1.8.
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