Was 9500gt purchase another piss poor decision ive made?

i recently purchased the xfx 9500gt off tigerdirect and should be in the mail today....... i have been reading alot about alot of different things lately (trying to learn more about the PC) but havent found much about this card, in respects to reviews or pros and cons. There were a couple reviews on the website i bought it on but only a couple. I have an xps 400 Pentium D 3.0ghz, 4 gigs dual memory ddr2(well 2 now but the other 2 are in the mail with the GPU). The power supply is stock and is 375W. which according to the specs the 9500 only needs 350. i currently have the stock nvidea6800 and wanted this upgrade. when i play COD4 with setting on max i get like 15-20 fps, on normal or low about 30-50 at 1024x875 or whatever that seeting is. Its just really choppy and lagging. im not sure if thats the PC or the internet connection. sometimes when i go to shoot it will take a second or two to start putting rounds down range!!i downloaded this thing from nvidea that tells me my temps and at idle the gpu is at 45c and in the game goes between 62 and 72C. I guess all i want to know is if this card is going to make me happy and make a difference or am i just going to get OWNED!!! anyone who has it or knows about it feel free to give a review!!

oh and its the 512mb ddr3 card
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  1. here the best card for the money list from July

    Your PSU can handle a Nvidia 9800GT or ATI 4830 and with your current CPU you really don't need to go higher.

    A 9600GT would be a solid choice for you, like this one for $70 after rebate.
  2. damnit guess the pisspoor decision is taking effect now!!!! that 9600GT even looks sweet!!!! i was just reading about alot of people having problems installing there cards like the computer turning off and so on.... people are replying to ununstall the old cards drivers? what is that? i thought when i get the card out of the box i would take the 6800 out and pop the new one in, turn the PC on and go to work! is this not true? i need to delete and uninstall the old stuff first? i dont even know what this driver deal is. except i saw on the nvidia site that it can search your computer and install all the latest drivers which i will do, not sure what for though

    Thanks ct1615 for the links!!!
  3. you can just download the latest drivers from Nvidia and you should be ok

    but the safest thing to do is run "add or remove program" in your control panel to remove the old "Nvidia Drivers" and then do a clean install.
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