PROBLEM SOLVED: how to connect front panel audio

So as I read many many topics about this problem and wanted to connect my audio front panel, I finally got the solution to 100% solve this.
So first of all, the pin looks like this
. . or 1 2
. . 3 4
. . 5 6
. 7
. . 9 10

The cables should be connected this way:
1) Mic In 2)GND
3)Mic PWR 4)
5)Ear R 6)Lead R
9)Ear L 10)Lead L

As motherboards are different, the term Ear might be named SPKOUT or SPK out or so, GND might be named Ground, and Lead might be named Return.

After u have done that, go to bios -> advanced -> onboard devices and where it says front panel connection(or smthing bout front pannel), select AC97. Save and exit bios.
Power up your computer and go to realtek HD audio manager(the little icon near the watch in the lower left of your desktop), double click it. On the top right of the window, select Device Advanced Settings and select "Make front and rear output devices playback the same audio stream.

P.S. Reply either if it worked or not :)
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  1. Thanks for sharing... was this information also available on your mobo manual?
  2. Nope, mobo manual tells you some crap things, doesnt give you a clue about how to connect cables atleast. Learned how 2 connect them from you guyz actually xD
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