My Dell Inspiron 6400 Problem

Hi There

I own a dell inspiron 6400 and my initial problem was that my laptop couldnt get past the boot screen (where the windows logo appears).

The first thing i tried to do was install a copy of windows 7 onto it booting straight from the cd. However, again the different windows 7 logo screen appeared and seem to crash at exactly the same point as when i tried to boot it straight from my hard drive which has Vista on it.

Next thing i did was run a Diagnostics test on my system and all kinds of errors appeared which basically said your hard drive is knackered. (All tests had big red crosses with failure next to them)

So i thought, need a new hard. So I ordered a new Samsung 320gb SATA hard dive to replace my Western Digital 80gb SATA drive.

My hard drive arrived today so i took the old one out and replaced it with my new one. I loaded up my BIOS and it shows up there all ok. I then ran the Diagnostics tests again and it breezed through them no problems. (Excitement slowly building) .

I then boot from the cd with Windows 7 in it and it again stops in exactly the same point as it did before i had replaced my hard drive.(Excitement quickly dies and is followed with a blood vessel nearly pooping in the side of my head).

I tried a Re installation CD with my vista home basic addition on again booting from cd. And it hangs in exactly the same place.

If i just leave it to boot through the hard drive it comes up with the message. No Boot Sector on internal hard drive.

I have no idea what to do please help me
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  1. WoW.. Thanks for all the useful info people.. NOT.
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