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i own a logitech z5500 sound system, it comes with a pretty big/loud subwoofer and i was just wondering.. while listening to some tracks(ones with excessive bass)really loud, can it have any effect on say.. the HD or perhaps the fans?Guess HD is more likely, but last time - after i stopped listening to my music, i noticed that my pc fan(Gentle Typhoon 1400 - double ball bearing)was emmiting some weird noise, so i thought that *maybe* excessive bass can loosen the fan as it rotates, make it more wobbly.. or something :??:

Anyway, share any experiences you had, or your knowledge on the matter :) please.
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  1. my old sytem included had a logitech 5.1 set of computer speakers. i always had the tower in close proximity to the subwoofer. my new system is hooked up to a klipsh 5.1 with a 450w subwoofer. the tower is on the table right above the sub.

    i've had bass so loud that you could hear the walls shaking about 40 feet away and i have never had any issues.

    i suppose excessive vibration could loosen hardware/cause other issues but it shouldnt be much of an issue considering subwoofers aren't causing a constant state of vibration.

    the fan might be making a noise because its about ready to die. typically fans do start making strange noises before they go.
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