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In the future I am looking to use 2 monitors. I have been searching around but can't seem to find anywhere that shows what I want to do. I have seen other people with dual monitors but its not the way I want it to be. When you play a game in full-screen, is spans across both, when you maximize a window on the desktop it spans across both. The start menu spans across both. What I want to do is basically have 2 monitors acting as if they are connected to 2 different computers while still being able to use the one keyboard and mouse on both monitors. So for instance what I want to do is be able to have a game in full-screen that only goes full-screen on one monitor and have a movie or web browser in full-screen that only goes full-screen on the other monitor. I also want each to have hits own taskbar and start menu. How can this be achieved?
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  1. What you're trying to do is easily done (save for each monitor having it's own taskbar/start button). It's done using "Extended Mode".

    On the right is City of Villains (fullscreen) and on the left is Tom's Hardware (fullscreen). If you know you want a certain application to open on a specific monitor, simply open the application and move it there. The next time you open it, it will open on that monitor. One minor issues with using this is running a game full screen on one monitor; you can easily lose your mouse (and game activeness) if you accidentally move it from the primary to the secondary screen and click.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I'm not exactly sure how you have done that, when I make a game full screen, it automatically spans across both, I can't drag a full screened game anywhere. The same applies to web browsers, I can manually make it full screen by dragging it out, but I hate the border so I prefer to have it truly maximized.
  3. There wasn't anything for me to configure. This is everything at default settings. The 22" monitor is connection to the first DVI port, the 19" monitor is connected to the second DVI port of my ATI Radeon 4650. When I fired up the game, it stayed on just the 22" monitor. In game resolution settings state: "1680x1050 (Desktop)" just like it did before I connected the second monitor.

    -Wolf sends
  4. yeh for me it does this by default? Can play game on one screen, have media center running tv on the other...odd that it doesnt do it for you
  5. There's no option for that in display settings. I remember there used to be 2 screens you could click on in older driver versions, but now there is just the picture of one monitor and the resolution is set at 2560*1024.
  6. Do you have a program like Ultramon running?

    -Wolf sends
  7. Nope
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