Help design my new video editing / gaming PC, please!

Hey everyone,

So this PC will be mostly used for editing the footage off of my Panasonic ag-hmc150, which will be AVCHD files that ill most likely have to transcode. so the two 1tb drives will be for data storage, was considering a raid 1 for redundancy, but then just figured ill leave them unraided and just backup what files are necessary rather than just have a direct mirror.

the 500gig drives will be for vista 64bit and the applications, partitioned twice most likely, one for the editing side and one for the gaming and net surfing side, as ive heard from many editors that its bad to have a machine with both. Anyways here is the hardware my friend and I picked out. Please let us know what you would change. Thanks!

PS. im not sure if the wishlist is accessible to everyone, I hope it will work, but just in case ill link the major parts below the wishlist individually, leaving out the fans and such.

INDIVIDUAL PARTS, should the wishlist not work
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  1. I would have to highly recommend this hard drive over the current one you have picked. I realize its a few dollars more but the preformance will be well worth it.
    WD Black 640

    Are you really sure you'll need 12gbs of ram? Might want to drop down to 6gbs and put that extra cash towards a higher end graphics card.

    *note* with the parts you have listed the cpu heat sink you have choosen would not work with an i7 cpu.
  2. ^+1 for the WD 640GB...

    But the 12GB would come into play as the video editing and conversion software would take good advantage of the extra RAM...

    Here are a few suggestions that you can consider...
    1. Change the video card to this one...For nearly the same price, you would get etter performance...
    SAPPHIRE 100259L Radeon HD 4870 512MB

    2. Save cash by going with the P6T...

    3. Far better CPU cooler...
    Scythe Mugen 2

    And any specific reason to go with 750W PSU??
    That setup can even be powered by a high quality 500W PSU...

    Rest are very good...
  3. ya, I know the 12gbs would play a heavy part in the vidoe editing, but I think his graphics card choice in the 4850 seems to be really lacking and really needs some extra loving. Guess it was my attempt into freeing up some budget to upgrade that part. I do think if he went with the P6T instead of the v2 that would be a better option, and the Scyth Mugen 2 is an awesome cooler in most reviews. Even though he has a full tower it might be a bit tight with that cpu cooler though? tower is 8.1 width and 6.1 height on the SM2. It should fit, but like i said i think it'll get a bit tight in that case.
  4. Thanks for the tips guys, i replaced all the HD's on the original list with 2 640 WD blacks and 2 1TB WD Blacks. I don’t think the GFX card needs an upgrade though, the one in there should do everything I need it to, im not going to be playing anything that requires really nice graphics. and I think the one i put in there has the option to be used to do video transcoding with some ATI software. Im not up on the new GFX cards though so let me know if i should still consider that alternative.

    Oh and a DVI out of my GFX card into the monitor is just as good for displaying HD video right? just that HDMI can transport audio as well, but doesnt matter as ill be using on board sound and headphones for the audio edit. I have an ASUS 22inch 1080P LCD monitor.
  5. yes, the dvi should work with HD video (1080p). and yes HDMI not only does vidoe but transports audio as well.
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