PC freezes at windows start screen after runnig microsoft error-checking.

My PC freezes at the windows starting pane. I was getting microsoft update failures and ran windows error-checking. Also thes freeze occurs when I try to boot in safe mode.
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. 1. Try the "Last Known Good Configuration" from the Safe Mode start Options screen.

    2. Run the Recovery Console:
    A) To run another "CHKDSK" from the XP CD Recovery Console, this time with "CHKDSK /F" to "Fix" errors. Read how-to: How to use the Windows recovery console
    Or: B) to Uninstall the Windows Updates that caused the problem:
    How to uninstall a hotfix or Service Pack via the Recovery Console?

    3. Another option would be to download a live CD (.iso file) to see the hard drive and check, scan, recover, repair, recover the XP serial key, remove Windows Updates or whatever you need/can do with the included tools.

    4. Last option would be to repair install Windows XP
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