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Hello all,

My problems started about 3 months ago. My comuter randomly shut off one evening and I had trouble getting it back up and running again. Error messages in the Windows even viewer read, "The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume1. After several runs through the windows Chckdsk utility which read Deleting Corrupt Attributes Record 128, from file record segment, the computer will restart and run for a while ultimately fail a week or two later saying it's unble to read local disc C: At first I thought the problem was a failed drive and replaced it.

I am now on my third new hard drive. The first drive I believe was a Wester Digital, the second a Seagate and the third which I replaced only a few weeks ago another Western Digital. It is very unlikely that all three drives are faulty. I believe the problem to be hardware related and was wondering before I replaced several parts If I could narrow it down to just one. A bad power supply perhaps or mobo? Perhaps the RAM? Thank you for any assistance, Paul
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  1. Try a new cable (if you re-used it with the new drives), maybe a different port on the system. The shutdown part is a bit odd, is that happening as well, or was that a one time thing?

    I have gotten corrupt file systems with a bad SAS drive controller before (a particular Lenovo system, all of that model we had at work got the same issues), cold be a bad controller on the motherboard. In my case though there were no error messages, just some users could not save any files anywhere after being able to use the computer fine for days.
  2. It could also be the power supply flaking out or a stick of memory going bad. try running memtest86+ to check out the ram. If that checks out ok, see if you can try a spare power supply
  3. Thanks for the responses. The problem turned out to be a faulty power supply. Computer fixed! =)
  4. So a bad power supply can be the culprit. What about a new processor? I upgraded recently from a 65w one to a 95w one, only a small bump in specs. I crashed my 500gig HD with in 2 months then put in a spare 200gig, now that is shot and wont even be picked up on boot. It's been barely 2 weeks this time.

    Sorry to piggy back off a dead thread, I saw this on my google search.
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